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Winscribe Mobility Suite - smartphone dictation

Mobile Dictation & Documentation Apps

Put your office in you pocket! Dictation, speech recognition and document creation for mobile professionals.

Mobile communication is becoming the heart of business, as it allows business professionals the ability to quickly and accurately transmit important information.  Winscribe's mobility apps have user-friendly interfaces and secure data transmission options, empowering users to record dictations, access and report on patient appointments, and review and manage documents – all while using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. 

Winscribe Professional Dictation

Winscribe Professional for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS mobile devices allows users to manage dictations, schedule appointments and approve distribution.

Today, nearly all business professionals use mobile devices for work-related tasks. Many are seeing even greater productivity and efficiency gains by pairing their mobile devices with speech technology. By leveraging your voice and your organization’s investment in mobile devices, you can better support your mobile workforce to boost productivity and efficiency.

The Winscribe Professional mobile dictation app provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Dictations can be created and sent with minimal clicks, and wireless connectivity with the Winscribe server ensures real-time updating and immediate transmission of dictations for traditional or speech recognized transcription.

Winscribe Professional works seamlessly with Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow system, enabling users to send dictations securely from anywhere and monitor the progress of the transcription process. With options to route work directly to a secretary or transcription team, you have the power of choice in your hand. Dictations can be uploaded anywhere, anytime – with client demographics attached – ensuring document accuracy and accelerating thetranscription process.

Supported Mobile Platforms

Winscribe Professional is supported over the latest mobile technology, including:

» Android smartphones running OS v4.0.3 or higher
» BlackBerry smartphones running v10 or higher
» iOS devices running v7.0 and above
» Windows Phones and tablets running OS v8 and above
» Philips SpeechAir

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